When you own an expensive gadget, you would want to invest in the best accessories for its smooth running and fantastic experience. Good accessories enhance the working of your device. Picking the best charger for your gadgets and smartphone can be a bit of a task. Nowadays with the advancement in the tech world, there are many charging options. There are many charging standards, portable chargers, adapters, cable types, and wireless charger options. Chargers can be slow or fast, depending upon the adapter, universal or proprietary cables both can be used with them. OPPO charges work best when coupled with OPPO adapters and proprietary cables. They offer some of the best chargers, providing an optimal fast charging experience for your device. The new VOOC technology of fast charging is compatible with OPPO, OnePlus, and Realme devices. In this blog, we shall be discussing some high-speed chargers that ensure an efficient experience and smooth running of your device.

After going through this article, you’ll be able to decide the best fast charger for your android device, mobile, or gadget.

SUPERVOOC 80W Power Adapter

The OPPO SUPERNOVOOC 80W power adapter is a great choice for fast charge options. It is compact, and travel-friendly. The best thing about them is that they are portable and convenient to use. Their ultra-thin design comes in very handy and is comfortable to use. In less amount of time, it can reach levels of optimal charging.

By far, this is the best pick for fast-charging options. It has an intelligent protection system, using the GAN technology offering a maximum charging speed of 80W. OPPO was the first brand to have launched the GAN technology. The USB-A port charger uses cutting-edge semiconductor material to achieve high power.

The USB charger is backward compatible with SuperVOOC 1.0 and almost every device that supports VOOC. It also supports the VOOC 2.0 technology and provides maximum efficiency, and performance. The voltage-reducing circuit in these chargers is VOOC instead of a conventional MCU, this prevents the mobile from overheating while charging.

This OPPO charger provides over-discharge protection, over-charge protection, circuit protection, overvoltage protection, over-power protection, over-circuit protection, temperature protection, and over-current protection. This shows that it is a highly safe and protected charger.

80W SUPERVOOC Car Charger

The 80W SUPERVOOC car charger is another great fast charger. It is one of the best high-speed chargers due to its high compatibility, dual port output, and multiple security protection feature. It also has an intelligent temperature control. The dual port offers a USB-A port which supports 80W MAX and a USB-C port which supports 30W MAX. It takes approximately 13 minutes to charge Reno8 Pro+ to 50% and about 35 minutes to fully charge the device.

There’s a built-in smart chip, which offers great compatibility with devices. It can adjust itself to current, all mainstream car models, and cigarette light ports. You can completely rely on this fast charger without worrying about the power fluctuation damaging your device. It can be your best investment to use while traveling, and for other business works. Additionally, there would be no fear of unstable charging on bumpy roads.

In case of overheating, the input and output ports are equipped to shut down. It works best under ambient temperatures between 0-40 degrees and is all-season friendly accessory.

50W AIRVOOC Charger

OPPO 50W AIRVOC charger is a high-speed, fast, wireless charger. This can be your travel partner foe business trips and work. It is portable, compact, and lightweight to carry. It can do wireless charging up to 2mm of plastic casing and automatically switches to silent mode at night. It can charge compatible phones at speeds up to 50W using a power adapter and USB cable supporting SuperVOOC 2.0-65W.

30W Vooc Charging Adapter

The OPPO 30W VOOC Charging adapter is a fast-charging equipment that promotes high-speed charging without overheating. It is compatible with all OPPO devices, with variations in the USB cable according to the type of port. The 30W VOOC charger is small but has big charging power. It operates on the new FFC charging algorithm that keeps the voltage constant, giving an optimum speed to recharge the device.

The charger provides protection against overheating, overcharging, over-discharge, over-voltage, short circuit protection, and over-current. The OPPO adapter provides high speed efficient recharge when used with propriety cable.

30W Adapter with C Cable

The OPPO 30W Adapter with C Cable uses the VOOC technology to charge your device. The 30W VOOC flash charger also uses the FFC charging algorithm, keeping the voltage constant and providing charging to the device at a high speed. The equipment is TÜV Rheinland safety assured. This OPPO charger features the ‘small size, big charge power’. This portable charger is resistant and protects against overcharging, over-discharge, over current, and overvoltage.

Bottom Line

With our ‘life in a Fastlane’ lifestyle, we need something that can provide racing power to our gadgets and devices as well. OPPO chargers are exceptionally well when it comes to fast-chargers. Their fast-charge VOOC technology is what sets the bar higher and makes them a great option to invest in when looking for fast chargers. These OPPO chargers are compact, fast, and highly protected in their design and functionality. If you own a Realme, OPPO, or a OnePlus device, then these are the best compatible chargers for you!
Finally, we hope that this guide will help you decide which high-speed charger is best for your android device.

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