Pakistani Brands are renowned for their distinctive cuts, intricate work and vivid colors. The clothing provided by these brands reflects our heritage and culture with modernity and precision. With contributions with entries from Sapphire Clothing, Fahad Hussayn, Zarrar Khayal, Shireen Lakdawala and Yousaf Shezad, as well as names such as Levis, L’Oreal Paris Bpluign and MTV Style Pakistan.

Pakistan has placed its name in the global style map for Asia. And it’s not only celebrities from around the world who are taking note!

Nawazuddin Siddiqui gleefully made himself the center of attention in his yellow Pakistani suit as he attended the 70th Oscar Awards held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood way back in the year 2015. We love you, Mr. Siddiqui! Pakistani brands are known for their gorgeous cuts of clothing and neat stitching designs that together offer a variety of styles and bright colors.

No matter what your taste is, whether contemporary, traditional, or haute luxury, Pakistani brands offer something for everyone, even you. It could be fast fashion straight from an assembly line in a factory or high-end creativity that showcases our culture and traditions. In recent years, Pakistani brand names have emerged as the main source for designer clothes in Asian countries.

We’ve proved ourselves to be an international fashion hub of Asia and world-renowned stars across Europe, North America, and Australia have been sharing their experiences with their peers. If you are looking to purchase famous clothing from Pakistan USA online, you need to make contact with They offer the most up-to-date collection of suits.

Shireen Lakdawala

Shireen Lakdawala believes that nothing can ever be permanent. Constant Change is his ideology and is a viable way to design new programs, ideas and concepts, too. Her designs are never boring, but they are very vibrant and captivating to viewers. Her design philosophy is vibrant, bold and beautiful while at the same time.

She has created a variety of bridal gowns for ladies who prefer their outfits simple but striking; however, this isn’t the norm most of the time. With all the colors of his collection, it’s tough to decide if she applies the models in color since both look beautiful together. She is known to play around often, especially with lehengas, cholis, and suits.

Ali Xeeshan

Ali Xeeshan is the most extravagant and dramatic designer to have made a name for himself through his label Fashion Xeeshan in Pakistan. His uncanny sense of innovation and his innovative approach to oriental fashion have made him stand out among the other designers in the industry.

He has introduced a brand new line of Bridal dresses in Pakistan and his signature Ali Xeeshan designing style makes every dress stand out. His dramatic portrayal of his creations through advertisements and shows, along with his unique choices of dress-codes makes him the most unique Asian designer of all time.

From bridal attire to formal wear and then he has expanded to showing pret-a-porter, the summer lawn, and even evening attire. In addition to dressing the people outside, while wearing his clothes, he ensures that his imaginative work stimulates thought among viewers, and can also alter their opinions about things such as child marriage or dowry for instance!

Since its beginning at the beginning of 2004, Haute Couture by Ali Xeeshan has served as a design studio that serves as an experimentation place for the exploration of fresh concepts. Through the introduction of bridal fashions in Pakistan and continues to establish itself by being one of the most innovative information centers in the country.

The designer showed the collection “The Bride’s Anthem” at Karachi Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer (2018) event. It was distinguished by extravagant appliques on nuptial odes, adorned with sequins, embroideries and modern cuts. The styles were inspired by Ali Xeeshan’s creative process with each garment marked with cutting-edge tailoring techniques as well as dramatic designs.

Farah Talib Aziz

Fashion-forward creator Farah Talib Aziz recently made her first appearance at the lawn. Her work is vibrant and she mixes modern fashions with old-fashioned embroidery and the kalamkari. Chikankari details on her pieces depict floral designs in hues that are a perfect match for solid-colored fabrics.

The chikankari embroidery also decorates her blouses with high necks. The current Eid collection is striking modern, contemporary and timeless all at all at. Ankle length anarkali suit (a traditional Islamic ladies ‘ garment) silk dupattas to use for layering on top of garments and bright yellow satin anarkalis and fancy kaftans round out this elegant collection.

Farah Talib Aziz has been working in the fashion world for quite some time and has been known to create several of the most elegant pieces of her collection. The work she creates exudes feeling of glamour, be it by the vibrant colors of her Kalidar collection or the vibrant chikankari prints that were worn by a variety of celebrities too, including Sona Mohapatra Minnati Malik and Madiha Imam.

The aesthetic designs are part of her distinctive brand, which is a source of immense excitement with each new season. She’s equally adept at creating bridal attire that includes an embroidered lehenga-cholis. The only difference is that you can choose a bright hue and the other for a more muted look!

Maria B

The creation of a top-quality clothing brand requires dedication and hard work. There are a lot of things you need to think about when deciding on the creation of a brand, such as potential customers, best resources available, and more. From the moment Maria B was created in 1999, the brand has been a success and helping ladies of every age feel at ease with their style choices by wearing clothing that is specifically tailored to their body types and preferences.

Although it was originally clothing for women brand, its modern-day styles make it possible women to look fashionablely. As they care for children “kidswear” being an ever-increasing element of the business. Based on the data provided by Netcraft India, maria B is ranked 76th out of . Every retailer that sells e-commerce as far as their level of web traffic! These impressive figures prove it is true that the Pakistani fashion label is a label that should be known by everyone!

When discussing the top fashion brands in Pakistan there is no way to ignore Maria B. Maria B was established by Maria in 1999, and has since launched a number of stores across the country. Selling everything from women’s clothing to couture, kidswear and more – there’s something for anyone! Maria B is one of the most well-known and respected chains in the nation that has an online presence that has over 30000 users.


As we’ve mentioned before that the Pakistani people are extremely attracted to the traditional Pakistani clothes. There are many kinds of Pakistani clothes, each distinct from one another by the fabric and style.

For instance for instance, the Shalwar Kameez and the Sherwani and the Kurta as well as the Chola are among the most sought-after Pakistani dress styles. These dresses can be worn for diverse occasions and in various locations.