Women began to carry purses with them as they started to leave the home for work and social purposes. This led to the idea of carrying things in hand bags.

It is a common practice for women today to carry purses with them when they go out. Women carry purses to hold their credit cards, their mobile phones, their make-up kits, and other personal belongings. It is the fashion of today to Women purse wear hand bags. This trend has been popular for many years now. Even young children have their own handbags.

We will look at the history of handbags to learn more about the history of handbags.

In the early days, when women left the house, they didn’t have any handbags. They kept everything in their pouches or pockets. Women carried a pouch to carry their food and water with them. They wore this pouch around their waist and used a strap to tie it to their body. After some time, they started to put things like money and small items in their pocket. They also started to carry keys and wallets with them. These were very small and light in weight. People realized that these pouches were cumbersome and it was difficult to carry everything with them. So, they decided to make something smaller and lighter which would carry more things.