Vanced was a free video-editing app that allowed you to change the background music of your videos. You could also add different visual effects to your videos. The app was available on both iOS and Android platforms. You had to make the videos using Vanced’s official software on your own devices.

After facing a legal threat from Google, the popular Vanced YouTube app is being discontinued. A lot of people were excited about the app and its ability to quickly edit their videos. However, it was discovered that youtube vanced was actually distributing copyrighted content. The app was also found to be infringing upon the copyright of some of the companies that owned the rights to those songs.

The app was removed from the App Store and Play Store. As a result, some of the videos uploaded to the Vanced website could no longer be viewed. Vanced has promised to refund users who purchased the app. Google’s legal department was responsible for making sure that the app wasn’t infringing upon copyrights.

As you know, copyright law protects the author and owner of original works. So, in this case, it was the musicians who were being protected. Google’s copyright lawyers are expected to continue investigating other apps that distribute unauthorized audio or video clips.