Most companies will sell you ready mixes. We’ve already discussed the types of mixes that are sold and the types of mixes that are used in construction. You may have noticed that some construction companies use two kinds of mixers. One is called the compact mixer, which is used to transport the concrete mix into a truck and the other is called the semi-trailer mixer, which is used to move the concrete mix from the truck into a form. Before we explain the differences between the two mixers, let’s go over the general process of making ready mixes.

Ready mixes are usually made by blending the aggregate, sand, cement, and water together in a large mixer. The blend is then transferred to a truck where it is driven to the site. At the site, it is poured into a container and leveled.

The container is then filled with water and a special chemical solution, which Adhimix activates the cement. The mixture of water and chemical solution is pumped into the container. Once the mixing process is finished, the ready mix is then moved to the foundation of the building.

In the past, ready mixes were sold in five cubic meters. For instance, one cubic meter was equal to 20 yards. However, today they are sold in 10 cubic meters, which is equal to 20 yards. The size of the ready mixes varies by company.