No one sets up a site with expectations of it never being found-what might be the point? Yet, in the event that the significant web indexes don’t have the foggiest idea about your website exists, they will not have the option to list your webpage in query items. What’s more without showing up in web search tool results, digital marketing company in seattle can basically say farewell to the vast majority of your traffic. Enter the Bing Webmaster Tools sitemap, which tells Bing about your site’s URLs so it can show them to likely guests. Getting set up with Bing Webmaster Tools is just about as simple as anyone might think possible. Also, it’s free.


A sitemap is a document on your site that rundowns each of the pages on your site, and it tells web crawlers which pages exist. It’s fundamentally what it seems like: a guide of your site.

There are various sitemap designs you can submit to Bing, including XML-which we’ll discuss in this article. XML is the organization that web search tools need to slither your website.

You might peruse somewhere else that assuming you have a tiny site with only a small bunch of pages, you needn’t bother with a sitemap. However, that is not really evident. A pristine, smaller than normal site with not many backlinks still requirements a sitemap to appear in indexed lists. Once more, the web crawler needs to know it’s there to rank it. Since producing and presenting a sitemap is free (and very simple), there’s no great explanation to not make it happen, particularly since it’s enormously significant for SEO.

To begin with, you’ll require a Bing Webmaster Tools account, which requires seconds to pursue. Go to simply join or sign in. It’s much simpler in the event that you as of now have a Microsoft Bing account.

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Setting Up the Yoast Plugin

To present a Bing Webmaster Tools sitemap, you really want to begin by creating the sitemap. The least demanding and most dependable method for producing a XML sitemap for your site is to utilize a SEO module. We will involve Yoast for this walkthrough, however in the event that you incline toward an alternate SEO module, the bearings will in any case be generally something similar. (On the off chance that you don’t know which module to decide for this, we have an article with significantly more sitemap modules to consider.)

yoast website optimization module

Introduce and initiate the Yoast module. Then, at that point, float over SEO in the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. Click General from the menu that appears. Click Features from the tabs toward the top. Look until you see XML Sitemaps, and ensure it’s flipped On (it ought to be naturally). Click Save Changes to wrap up.

bing website admin instruments sitemap

To see the XML sitemap and to get its URL, which you’ll require for somewhat later on, click the Question Mark close to XML Sitemaps and afterward click See the XML Sitemap. This will open up the sitemap page. Keep it open so you can duplicate that URL in a little.

Web optimization for bing wemaster devices

Adding Your Website to Bing Webmaster Tools

Before digital marketing agency boston can present your Bing Webmaster Tools sitemap, you need to tell Bing that your site exists. The screen capture underneath is of the main page you’ll see whenever you’re signed in to your Bing account. We’ll be working with the choice on the right, Add Your Site Manually. Glue your site URL into the Enter Your Site URL box and snap Add.

bing website admin devices sitemap

Then, you’ll see a window to Add and Verify Site. Pick the HTML Meta Tag choice. Click Copy to one side of the tag.

meta tag

Rather than following the headings in that window, we will use the Yoast module, which is a simpler technique. Go to your WordPress dashboard, and in the left sidebar, click SEO > General. Then, at that point, select Webmaster Tools from the top. In the vacant box under Bing Verification Code, glue the code you replicated. Click Save Changes at the base.

bing website admin instruments sitemap

Presently return to the Bing Webmaster Tools page and snap Verify. You should see this page (underneath) that says you effectively added your site to the information base. You don’t need to hold back. It will work immediately.

Presenting Your Bing Webmaster Tools Sitemap

At the point when you close out of that “Achievement” page, you’ll be brought to the subtleties page of the area you recently added. Click Sitemaps on the left, then, at that point, click Submit Sitemap.